TexTESOL V 2013 - presentation

TESOL 2009 Convention Poem captures the spirit of teaching ESL.
To listen to it, go to the convention site and scroll down to audio controls:

For teachers:
ESL Best Practices
inspired by TexTESOL 2008 Conference and Blaine Ray TPRS Workshop

History connection:
A list of materials from Russia / the Soviet Union for Social Studies classes:

Student Samples (for TELPAS raters):
Radio essay "How I learned English" (the assignment required a script, but a few students ad-libbed)
#1: 08_How_3Anas.mp3
#2: 08_How_3Edg.mp3
#3: 08_How_3JH.mp3
#4: 08_How_Gra2.mp3
#5: 08_How_3Ju.mp3
#5: 08_How_Maria2_take2.mp3

Dramatization: Students used a dialogue from High Point for guidelines. Partners are at different proficiency levels. This sample set demonstrates progress in acquisition of BICS
#1-a: e_k.mp3
#2-a: J_m.mp3
#3-a: Ed_Alf.mp3
#4-a: J_Y.mp3

The Brick Wall Theater:
"Zoo" by Edward D. Hoch: zoo2.mp3
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry:
Klapzuba's Eleven from the Global Game:Klapzuba_Interview_A_H.wmv