Level 1 links


These tutorials will help you get ready for the irregular verb test:
Past Tense with Irregular Verbs: http://studio4learning.tv/languages/esl/irregular-past-tense/
Regular Verbs: http://studio4learning.tv/languages/esl/regular-past-tense/

Also see The Viking Tale film projects
Start your film with: Right_Angle.MSWMM
Paul Bunyan


"Land" is an adaptation from Leo Tolstoy's Tale "How Much Land Does a Man Need?"
Complete text in translation: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/tolstoy/23_tales.vii.iii.html
Our reading selection covers the original story from Chapter 4.
The class blog has annotated links related to the author and the story under the post Quick Search.

Jobs game: link
Better food- better education:
Lunch, Ann's talk

"He who controls his sentences controls the world" (Dr. M)
Sentences Game