You need English skills and understanding of mathematical and engineering concepts to conduct an interview with a bridge designer.
Here are some examples:
Interview with a Bridge Designer
Personal questions

Questions about the engineering design class

Questions about group work

Technical questions about bridge design

A project by Right Angle Studios in support of numeracy

A math problem is a mystery with a missing ending.
Math challenge: How will you solve the problem?
Story-telling challenge: How will the characters deal with the conflict? How will the story end?

What's numeracy?
Ask number questions about the Mystery of the EZ Grader and about our campus.

Math is fun: Mathemagician:

A timeless message:
The Great Italian Scientist Galileo once said,

"Everything in the universe is written in the language of mathematics."

How to convert folk tales into Math problems

Day 1
Fill in the chart:
Select a scenario and write a problem.
References on grain storages through time and space: Grain_STorage_Links.doc
Math Help: Math_Help_Two_Tales.doc

Submit your draft. Include (1) a sketch, (2) the text of the problem, and (3) Mathematical concepts covered in the problem.

Day 2
Make a poster (jobs - 1) type /write and submit the problem; 2) write the solution; 3) draw pictures and list math concepts.)
See a sample problem with solution here: Two_Tales_Math_Problem_Solution.doc
Solve a problem created by your peers.

Enter the world of Math as a visual delight HERE ( )

Have fun connecting Math and the Arts.

(Note: I visit to this Math blog was a turning point in my personal journey through blogosphere.)
Before: I moderated only my own 'virtual estate,' remaining a passive reader/follower of blogs by others.
After: I wrote for this blog, for I had been deeply moved and wanted to belong to this web space.

Geometry blog

moderated by a good friend of mine. It has links to videos, demos, math rap songs, and more.
Math Talk -

March 14 - The International Pi Day

We will celebrate on Friday holding a contest.
Review the list of Competition Questions:

  1. Perimeter of a rectangle
  2. Area of a rectangle
  3. Compare and contrast a square and a rectangle
  4. Area of parallelogram
  5. Area of a rhombus
  6. Name 4 quadrilaterals
  7. Area of trapezoid
  8. Perimeter of a triangle
  9. How do you call the side of the right triangle opposite to the largest angle.
  10. Area of a triangle
  11. The sum of angles in a triangle
  12. Properties of 30 -60-90 triangle
  13. Find the volume of my cookie jar
  14. Total surface area of a cube
  15. Volume of a right prism
  16. Surface area of a right prism
  17. Total area of a triangular prism
  18. Lateral area of a triangular prism
  19. Volume of a triangular prism
  20. Total surface area of a regular pyramid
  21. Volume of a rectangular pyramid
  22. Draw a net of a triangular pyramid
  23. Area of a circle
  24. Lateral area of a cylinder
  25. Volume of a cylinder
  26. Volume of a sphere
  27. Compare and contrast a circle and a cone
  28. Compare and contrast a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid
  29. How many sides does a hexagon have?
  30. Is octagon a quadrilateral?